The Podcast Guest Hangover

Not a literal hangover. More of a cringe-based, Uh oh, what did I say yesterday. . . ?, figurative hangover. Allow me to explain. So, I was on a podcast Sunday. Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered, to be exact. And, I must admit, I was nervous. Not sweaty-palms-and-frequent-urges-to-urinate nervous. Just regular, I-can-hide-it nervous. But nervous nonetheless. […]

Writerly Knick-Knacks and Whatnot

I’m not a big fan of knick-knacks per se, but I make exceptions. Or rather an exception. When it comes to writing, I like keep a little wooden duck named Curly nearby. When I was maybe 12, I went on a fishing trip with family near Oscoda, MI, on Lake Huron. At the bait shop, […]

Music, Beta Readers, and Other Stuff…

Hey yo! Happy Friday to anyone reading this today (or any other Friday, I s’pose)! I like to share things I find awesome when I have the chance. So, in no particular order: I don’t know about any of you writers out there, but I like to listen to music when I write. While writing […]

If you like podcasts. . .

If you like podcasts, check out one of my favorites: Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. It’s two guys, Ben and Jason, and they just talk about everyday stuff–the good, the bad, and, most refreshingly, the stuff people usually don’t openly talk about. It’s a real look at life. They’ve had some really cool guests (radio personality/podcaster […]


I finished writing Switchers (the first chapter is available right up in here) but the work isn’t done done. The manuscript is currently in the capable hands of my editor, JoAnn, at Twin Tweaks Editing. Once she finishes doing her magic, I’ll go through it and polish it off. Now, I thought working on a […]